Outsource to Serbia

Eastern Europe is most cost effective region for outsourcing web development for your business. We can organize team of developers, designers, testers and project managers to serve your needs. Let us build the highend tools for your business.

Laravel PHP development

Laravel PHP framework is fast growing and most likely the most popular PHP framework today. We are building most of our applications in Laravel, as well as developing packages for many purpose.

API development

Delveloping web applications to serve mobile applications as backbone infrastructure. Experienced in high load applications and scalable design.

Mobile Applications

We can build native iOS and Android applications for startups and enterprise. Using latest technologies, we are able to bring your mobile application to life in few weeks. We know the best practices that will save you time and money.

Web Design

Creating unique and original web design according to your wishes and our recommendations. Dozens of original web design are behind us. Built in graphics programs and switch to at school sites. If you have a basic knowledge of making a website, you can already make a unique and original design, which you can not insert your material and create their own web pages. If you want a cheaper option to design your site, you can use the finished graphics solutions that we offer at considerably lower prices . The disadvantage of this design is the lack of uniqueness and originality, though it is considered the Internet a huge number of sites where the very small chance that a user encounters two identical designs in the course of surfing. Moreover, for those who want an exclusive presentation on the internet, we make modern and interactive Flash websites and presentations. These precious sites are the most exclusive form of presentations on the Internet.

Web aplications

Making Web applications of your choice. Make an accounting or business organization based on your needs. possibility of complete solutions for Web applications.

WordPress Website

Website built completely in WordPress, most famous CMS in the world. It is ment to be only for blogs websites, but once the big community is gathered around it, Wordpress become platform for building very complex websites. Now you can have your own website built and controled in WordPress that almost everyone knows hot to work with. And sky is the limit.

Social Network

Build your own social network and gather peaple of same interest into one fast and smart web aplication. Let us build all the elements of social networking for your business or application, and start making big traffic and lage scale business.

Socal integations

Web services is now the standard of modern website and web application. Provide you customers and visitors full experience of social networks integration and let them share your website content on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more. Also, use most of those social networks to get valuable information about your users, events or trends.

Creating a CMS

If you often change the content on your site and you do not want to pay large sums of money to help web developers work and changes, the CMS solution. A content management system on your web site is what will save you a lot of money and make your site available to change at any time, day or night. Such systems are made ​​extremely easy and with little training that goes with each one of them, you can very quickly Educate yourself or another person to help maintain the site in a few clicks. CMS Development is possible if the site were not working with us and would like to have this application in order to reduce maintenance costs yourself web site.

Site maintenance

Maintenance of the site, that we create or that you want us to maintain, means that there is always a copy of the current contents of the Internet site in our backup systems. If the database is concerned, it preserves a certain time period that is pre-determined and agreed upon price maintenance. Such type of cooperation provides security against hacker attacks, technical problems which can lead to a drop server where your site is located, the virus that may change the content of your site and removed confidential information from the same. U site maintenance may also involve changes and finishing the website within three working hours of web developers and designers. This type of benefits does not cumulative properties, which means that the unused hours of maintenance can switch to the next month.

IT consulting

We offer you the services of internet marketing in order to improve the visibility of your site and its content on the Internet. Look at us all from internet consulting to advertising on the Internet and improve the search results in top search engines. The option of paying only for visible results. Internet marketing is the sum of the activities that are used to direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer, using the Internet as a means of business communication. Internet marketing connects all aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising and sales over the internet.


If you are the owner of an existing site and want to change its appearance or content, you can do that to us - even though we have not done your site. takes only provide us with the parameters of the site and all the material you own to me efficiently and promptly to to meet your requirements. We're also open to cooperation with other teams and companies dealing with web technologies and Internet sites, to provide you with the best possible service.